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Press Kit.

Press here to download Bryan Bowers Press Kit

Press here to download Bryan Bowers Band Press Kit

Folk Alley Awards Woodland Dream as a top-ten for the year!
Devon Léger’s Ten Best New Traditional Albums of 2019

7. Bryan Bowers Band – Woodland Dream

“Bryan Bowers is a folk legend, with a long and storied career as an autoharp master and folk singer. The autoharp’s a humble instrument, too often derided for being “easy” to play. Bowers and others like Appalachian artist Kilby Snow have shown the instrument’s possibilities and inspired others to push forward as well. The new album from the Bryan Bowers Band is a grab-bag of great folk songs, and interestingly what sticks with the listener is the mix of vocal harmonies. Powerful, rich, buoyed by pleasing arrangements, this seems like an album crafted for listening. I hesitate to say that it was crafted for folk music aficionados, but it sure seems like that. There’s a lot of weight to Bowers’ years and experiences in folk music, but he doesn’t flaunt that. He seems content to head up a folk album that makes you believe in the genre again. That’s a pretty good accomplishment!”

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